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Meu eterno sol: 1x9

Episodio 9

Artit still bullies Paeng at every chance he gets, but now for his own amusement than pure malice like before. Paeng, Aueng, Artit, Saeb and the guys go on an outing at a restaurant. The men get completely drunk so Paeng has to be the driver. As Paeng tries to carry a drunk Artit home, he pulls her in for a kiss and Tubtim sees it. Tubtim tries to convince Ling to marry Artit but she denies it. Tubtim then turns to Nang for help. Nang ropes Korakot into helping her disguise as a ghost to drive Paeng away but Paeng kicks her in the face out of fright. Nang ends up trashing Pang’s place instead.

My Forever Sunshine: 1×9
Jan. 14, 2021