O que está acontecendo?

Meu eterno sol: 1x5

Episodio 5

Paeng put laxatives into the food that Thongkhum and Duang prepared in hopes of getting them fired but ends up poisoning all the farmhands. She then runs away when being confronted and comes home feverish, so Artit begrudgingly takes her to the hospital. She later escapes back home and finds Artit drunk in his bedroom. Paeng tries to assault him but he manages to pin her down. However, Krongprateep and Tubtim come in amidst the struggle and Paeng frames Artit for trying to rape her. Artit becomes angry that Krongprateep will not believe him and drives away. On the way, he crashes his car and is rendered paraplegic. Paeng confesses to Krongprateep and he suggests that she continues her study in Bangkok instead. Six years go by and Paeng graduates from university.

My Forever Sunshine: 1×5
Dec. 17, 2020