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Meu eterno sol: 1x3

Episodio 3

Paeng goes to school and gets into a fight with Nang when the latter insults her for being an orphan. Krongprateep reveals to Tubtim that before Tharathep’s death, his final request is to have Paeng engage to Artit in fear that she might end up with someone horrible in the future. Jaem and Aueng suggest to Paeng that they should go back to Bangkok but Paeng has flashbacks to Tharathep’s death, resulting in a mental breakdown. Artit decides to tell Paeng that he doesn’t love her. He was being kind because he feels sorry for her and that she actually loves him as a brother. But Paeng proves her love by kissing him instead.

My Forever Sunshine: 1×3
Dec. 03, 2020