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Flor do Mal: 1x1

My Dad Tried To Kill Me

Baek Hee Sung and Cha Ji Won are a married couple with a daughter. Ji Won received an unpleasant relationship with Hee Sung’s parents despite being together. Ji Won is a detective and investigating a case in which In Seo, a boy, got into an accident and pointed his father as the culprit. It’s between their family issue as the boy witnessed a heart-wrenching sight of his father with another woman. 18 years ago, a murder case occurred where Baek Hee Sung lives as Do Hyun Soo. He was a suspect. Now, Reporter Kim Moo Jin unexpectedly met him in Hee Sung’s Metal Craft Workshop without knowing his current identity. Hee Sung strangled Moo Jin and hid in the basement. Ji Won, the wife, has no clue about his husband’s doings.

Flower of Evil: 1×1
Flower of Evil: 1×1
Jul. 29, 2020